Important information: EEA International seizes all COVID-19 operations in Liberia

In a previous communication, EEA International reached out to the international community to present and discuss options for quarantine at a suitable premise to allow the return of international staff from COVID-19 affected regions.

We regret to inform our clients, friends and the international community, that EEA International can no longer offer any COVID-19-related assistance in Liberia due to the following events:

On Friday, March 13 as well as Friday, March 20, a public entity of the Republic of Liberia presented 18 and 20 individuals to a well-known hotel in Liberia. EEA International had previously assessed and selected this hotel as venue for a suitable quarantine station for returning international personnel. Substantial infection control plans had been prepared, discussed with the owner and preliminary implementation had taken place.

The 18 respectively 20 persons presented to the hotel were equipped with documentation and infection control plans bearing the EEA International logo and thus appeared to be under supervision from EEA International. However, EEA International was at no stage aware of these events.

Our partner on the ground has protested to the public channels about the conduct of the public body.

We at EEA International distance ourselves from these poor operations methods. All actions performed by these public organisations are not supporting the safety of the people of Liberia and expatriates.

We have therefore decided to discontinue all COVID-19 activities in Liberia with immediate effect.

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