Medical services

EEA International MTÜ operates directly in Banjul, The Gambia, in cooperation with AfricMed Clinical Services. We offer a broad range of services ranging from primary care to intensive care, catering to the expat and local community in The Gambia.

Standards: UK Patient Safety Level 3

EEA International has established relationships with corresponding clinics in the following locations:

  • Abuja / Nigeria
  • Colombo / Sri Lanka
  • Monrovia / Liberia

This includes tele-medicine services, quality assurance and control, access to European medicine, tele-radiology, tele-dermatology and tele-cardiology.

EEA International MTÜ regularly conducts facility or case evaluations for a broad range of clients from off-shore, mining, gas & oil, travel, insurance underwriters and non-profit companies to establish quality standards and conduct benchmarking against European standards and requirements.

This includes detailed actual checks and verification of procedures, equipment and staff qualifications, evacuation plans, resilience planning, medivac readiness and more.