Thank you for your interest in joining EEAI International as a member. As an association, we are relying on membership support. Active and passive members are welcome. We have a diverse range of activities and we are looking to build up our membership everywhere in the European Union. We have the following memberships:

EEAI Support Member

As an EEAI Support member, you support our goals of the association worldwide. You carry the word and principals of the European Union to your friends and neighbours. You select and pay your membership fee as a support for our work.

EEAI Member – active in Europe

The active members participating locally at home or inside Europe to uphold and implement our European principals and standards. The membership is purposely very diverse and open to anyone of good character. We believe that everybody can contribute in different ways. You invest as much or little time into our projects as you like.

EEAI Member – active outside Europe

If you are a European and want to work for us a volunteer in the developing world part time or full time or you are already in the field as a freelancer or with a non EU organisation and you are looking for an organisation to support you and in return, you support EEAI and our European principals, you should consider applying to us. We can help you and your project to plan, develop and implement your projects.

What is included in the service memberships?

We value your contribution to our organisation and hope that everything will go smoothly. Nonetheless, accidents happen, and we are with you. Please see below a brief summary of services you can expect with our active membership options (sorry – support members are not eligible!).

Within the EU

As long as you remain within the EU, you will benefit from our large support network and our friendly team of experts. You will join an active and motivated team to bring change to this world.

During your services Europe inside the European Union we provide you with accident insurance according to the legal requirements. You are also covered off duty during other activities. For all members inside Germany, the statuary Workmen comp insurance applies according to the law.

If you become part of our ESC projects, you are also covered. 

Worldwide (outside the EU)

  • Health Insurance 100% as private patient excl. USA
  • Medical Evacuation 100% 
  • Dental Insurance 80% max 2500 EURO
  • Accident Insurance professional and private
  • Professional and Private Liability Insurance 
  • Sick-Pay insurance up to 18 months max 6000 EURO per month**

* The membership fee depends on the insurance status in EU home country. E.g. Germany if the member has Statuary Health Insurance, valid during the project period it can be as little as 100 EURO. This can be the case if the candidate is a student, receiving unemployment benefits or is paying voluntary contributions. 

**If the project, funds and salary have been operated via EEAI or the freelancer can proof the income