Because the future lies outside the cities

Rural Development

We work with rural communities to develop solutions to strengthen their livelihoods, education, security and safety. We research organic and cyclic agriculture techniques for the tropics, develop smallholder farm solutions, work with mothers and children and seek out integrated solutions combining human development, sustainable environment, education and health.

Finding solutions to mitigate climate change

Carbon Sequestration

We research carbon sequestering methods to store carbon in soils. With millions of acres of smallholder agriculture throughout Africa, we are looking into easy methods to increase organic carbon in soils and improve soil quality, the humus layer and tackle climate change.

A lot of small steps make a big distance


We work with film makers, teachers, students, parents and farmers in rural regions to tackle today’s educational challenges. An award-winning movie portraying challenges of teenage pregnancy is regularly screened in schools, including a debate and Q/A. On our demonstration sites, we execute 100% transparency for the local community of farmers to increase their understanding of financial processes, soil science, weeding, yields, and more.


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Stay tuned for updates

We are currently setting up a range of projects in different countries. Stay tuned and check back later! In the meantime, get in touch with any question, comment or concern.