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Find out more about our public health activities and support to rural communities in challenging locations.


We work with local NGOs to promote livelihoods, education and public health.


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Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

EEA International MTÜ was founded by professionals in the fields of public health, education, logistics and security. Together, we look back on over 100 years in developing countries and thorough experience with leading organisations like UN, WHO, GIZ, Welthungerhilfe and more.

Today, we operate a range of projects in several countries of the world, providing high-quality services in underserved areas to a range of clients and customers.

European quality worldwide

Our service promise

Lifesaving services in remote locations of the world are not easy to deliver. We follow strict practices established in the best hospitals and research facilities in Europe, and rethink strategies needed to ensure recovery and healing for our patients.

We strive to employ best-fit solutions that kick in where it is needed, in education, public health, agriculture or logistics. Find out more about our work in our service overview.

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