Services for NGOs, Associations and other Organisations

EEA International MTÜ collaborates with small NGOs and regional associations across Europe to move projects a step further. Our unique expertise and willingness to share and contribute to your cause can be a driving factor for success!

Project supervision

Many small organisations cannot afford year-long project supervision. With us, this might become a possibility! We already partner with several organisations in The Gambia and Liberia – if you want to join, get in touch! Together we are stronger!


With long-standing experience and a dedicated security service team, we ensure that our members and partners stay well and protected. If you are currently working in a challenging environment or want to understand what can be done for volunteers, get in touch!


We love to move change ahead, and if you have a great idea but need some additional funding, we are open for discussions! Currently we focus on medical and public health innovations as well as educational causes across Africa.


Are you in need of consultation services or translation support? We have staff on hand to assist with German and English translation, to prepare tender documents, review reports and work with your ground staff to give your documents the convincing edge that they should have.

Income? I thought you are non-profit?

That is true, we are a non-profit association and remain true to that. Money that is earned through service delivery will be used in our projects or co-funding efforts. Don’t worry – there is no shareholder expecting his cut!