In partnership with AfricMed Clinic, The Gambia

Our clinic

EEA International MTÜ
c/o AfricMed Clinical Services NGO
After the turntable / opposite Trust Bank
The Gambia

Primary Care

Standard primary care for minor infects or sicknesses, from baby to senior in our clinic during walk-in hours.

Urgent Care

For urgent matters and out-of-hours, we are ready to care to you in times of urgent needs. Ambulance service and emergency practitioners available.

Intensive Care

In life-threatening situations, we can arrange for medical evacuation and support you in our intensive care unit, with modern equipment and latest medicine to assist your recovery or transfer.

We hope that you are safe and healthy during your stay in The Gambia so that you can enjoy the hospitality, beaches and nature. Should you experience unclear symptoms, notice insect bites or feel generally unwell, you are welcome to contact our facility and make an appointment.

We work with every European travel health insurance company, and almost all other health care plans as well. Don’t ruin your vacation, payment by invoice possible from your home country.

We come to you if needed

Ambulance service

We operate a private ambulance service including emergency doctor, if needed. Call us 24/7 and we come to your assistance. For tourists, kindly get in touch with your hotel staff to ensure that you will receive the best medical service in The Gambia.

We only buy from verified sources

Imported medicine

According to research, 30% and more of the medicine available in developing countries is counterfeit and poses a high risk to your health. We cannot rely on the local market to provide medicine that works for you, that’s why we import all our medicine from licensed and registered pharmacies in Europe.

Hassle-free insurance claims

State of the art reporting

We provide every client with a detailed medical report following European best practices. All services are indicated and calculated based on official German or British fees. Our praised reports make it easy for you to continue your treatment at home and to claim returns from your insurance (if you are pre-paying).